Salduna Beach

What began as a small project among friends in 2013 has since transformed into the indisputable paradise we see now: An incredible beach club and beach restaurant complete with a variety of distinct spaces that allow you to enjoy the seemingly never-ending sunny days and delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine that the Costa del Sol offers.

2018 was the decisive year for Salduna Beach. That was the year we improved the sun lounger’s area to achieve a luxury beach experience and set up the Bar Lounge, or terrace, where we still love watching the sun set. That summer, Salduna Beach went from being a small

Trudy Chinarro - salduna beach - restaurante y beach club

Trudy Chinarro


Spanish with Dutch origin, Trudy’s charisma permeates the entire restaurant. She is the mastermind behind the charm and professionalism that lives in everything Salduna Beach does and is since 2016.

salduna beach - restaurante y beach club